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Meditation meets at

  • Mondays at 5pm at our Northbridge site.
  • Thursdays at 1:30pm at our Willoughby site

We are linked with the World Community of Christian Meditation.  There is a renewed interest in Christian Meditation with over 70 groups meeting in Sydney.

   New members are very welcome to join this ecumenical group and learn the practice of Christian Meditation.

At our group sessions we will:

 * Sit still and upright

 * Close our eyes

 * Listen together to a short recorded talk which encourages us and teaches us how to meditate

 * Sit in silence, relaxed but alert for 20 minutes, breathing calmly and regularly.

 * Learn how to use a mantra to assist in focusing our attention.


Come along and join us as we learn together and nurture our spirit and our Christian faith.


If you want more information, click the contact us button at the top of the page.