Weddings are one of our great joys. A marriage service uses words and symbols to express the love, trust and hope of a couple as they make a commitment to a shared future. It is also a legal commitment, a formal announcement of marriage, and a service of worship.

With all those things happening it’s no surprise that preparing for a wedding can also be a little stressful! With so many expectations and hopes, with different “family cultures” and personalities involved, and with significant costs to cover, weddings need careful planning, and we can’t let the point of the wedding – the celebration of a loving, trusting and hopeful relationship – be lost in it all.

While you don’t need to be a member of our congregation to have your ceremony at Willoughby Uniting Church, you will need to be willing to be married in the Christian tradition.

At Willoughby and Northbridge Uniting Church, we will work with you to make your wedding a true expression of your love, and share in the joy of your family and friends